The Osmanthus Affair

About The Osmanthus Affair

The Osmanthus Affair is a dessert company that takes delight in bringing flavours that evokes joy and nostalgia with every bite. They specialize in cream choux puff pastry desserts that are handmade with the freshest ingredients. Each puff is made to have a delightfully crumbly shell with a flavourful but light cream on the inside resulting in a flavour bomb that is a perfect finish to any meal. They offer a variety of unique and interesting filling flavors such as white rabbit candy cream and osmanthus cream.

For more details, you can check out their full menu at The Osmanthus Affair or their IG.


What You’ll Get

You will receive one set of a combi box containing an assortment of every flavor of choux pastries on The Osmanthus Affair’s menu – coffee, osmanthus and white rabbit candy.

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