Why join BlockChef?

Delivery management

Tired of arranging deliveries for all your orders?

Let us handle it for you. For free!

When your customers place an order with you on BlockChef, all you have to do is get it ready by the pickup time, and we will come collect and deliver it to your customer.

delivery man wearing a face mask and riding a bicycle

Digital payments

Are you manually checking your bank account to verify PayNow payments?

Save yourself the trouble and let us do that for you!

Whenever an order is paid through one of our digital payment options, our system verifies the payment automatically.

You can just sit back and wait for the payment to be disbursed to your bank account!

Order Management

Still taking orders through DM?

Our convenient and easy to use order management system helps you make sure you do not miss out on orders and keep you organized.

Marketing Support

Marketing can be costly, even more so for small home-based businesses.

We provide marketing support at no charge to all our sellers!

As part of our service offering, we help with:

  • featured articles
  • photoshoots
  • videoshoots
  • influencer collaborations
  • promotional activities
  • …and more!


We offer a Basic account FOR FREE that comes with everything you need to setup your own store. Digital payment processing does come with transaction fees, but it is optional.

We also offer a Pro account that comes with subsidized delivery fees and higher levels of support.

For more information, check out our Pricing page.

Sound good? Then get started today!