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Jett Barbecue


Jett Barbecue is a home-based BBQ business that sells premium priced barbecue beef ribs. Each set goes for $195, and comes with a side of mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

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Jett Barbecue 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • MattEatsSG

    Overrated social media ribs. Wouldn’t complain if it’s free, but for the price they charge forget it.

  • James Wilmington

    I’m from Texas and I have always been a huge fan of BBQ from back home. I’ve been hearing about this ribs on social media so obviously I had to try. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed – this is definitely not Texas-style ribs and certainly not Texas-quality. The smokiness just isn’t there, although the meat was quite tender.

    The sides were average as well. You can’t call it Texas BBQ when it’s missing baked beans, sausage, brisket, creamed corn, cornbread and potato salad (mashed potatoes just aren’t the same).

    For the price, I would not order it again.

  • SG Foodie Boy

    Decent ribs, but way overpriced. Mashed potatoes were alright, coleslaw was way too wet. Probably would only order if it’s half the price.

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