Are you a fan of MasterChef? Perhaps you wish you could be Gordon Ramsay so that you can try the dishes by the contestants and judge for yourself? Well, here’s your chance!

BlockChef is the preferred platform for MasterChefs in Singapore to sell their food. We currently have 9 MasterChefs with their menus available for sale, with more onboarding soon! Here’s the list of all the MasterChefs who are currently available.

Cheeky Don by Jacky Tan

Cheeky Don is a unique food concept by Jacky Tan of MasterChef SG season 4. The brand specialises in Japanese style rice bowl (Donburi), including it’s signature Cheeky Don, which is a pork jowl don prepared meticulously in a five-step process. Other options include Shogayaki, which is a rice bowl with pork collar marinated with ginger and sake, then glazed with a homemade ginger-soy sauce. by Ilya Nur Fadhly is the brainchild of your favourite Masterchef SG season 3 contestant, Ilya Nur Fadhly. Chunking specializes in halal bak zhangs and their in-house creation, fried chunks – which are essentially deconstructed bak zhang fried with other ingredients like meat and mushrooms.

PÁAN Kitchen by Amanda Chia

PÁAN Kitchen is run by Masterchef SG season 4 fan favourite Amanda Chia, along with her ex-hotel chef boyfriend Alex. They offer authentic Italian sandwiches crafted with fresh, quality ingredients and ample fillings. Their homemade schiacciata bread is baked fresh daily and features a crispy exterior and chewy interior. All their spreads are homemade, inspired by Italian flavours with their very own unique twist. Their mission is to spread joy with sandwiches that bring smiles!

Ng’s Kitchen by Leon Lim

Indulge in a culinary journey led by MasterChef Singapore season 2 runner-up Leon Lim and his mother, Cindy Ng. Ng’s Kitchen specialises in Cantonese cuisine made from Leon and his mother’s family heirloom recipes. Crafted with love and a nod to heritage, each dish tells a story of family, mastery and the rich tapestry of Cantonese cooking. Join Ng’s Kitchen as they share the wonderful flavours of their family, bringing the essence of Cantonese homestyle cooking to your doorstep, with delightful dishes such as fermented tofu pork, pork trotter vinegar and curries.

Tamagood by Derek Cheong

Tamagood by Derek Cheong, MasterChef Singapore season 2 champion, specializes in modern Jap-fusion rice bowls and baked rice. Available online exclusively on BlockChef!

masterchef derek cheong

Bake Dept by Tham Jun Gui

Bake Dept by Tham Jun Gui of MasterChef Singapore season 4 offers customized ice cream cakes, eggless cookies and a lava cake and ice cream combination which is exclusively available on BlockChef! This is a dish she prepared on MasterChef and now you get to try it too!

Microfermentarium by Gooi Jia Yi

Microfermentarium by Gooi Jia Yi of MasterChef Singapore season 3 specializes in fermented drinks such as kombucha and water kefir, with a spin! Imagine whacky flavour pairings and unusual ingredients in your drinks. Having been a part of MasterChef, Jia Yi learnt to push the limits of humble ingredients and play around with flavours. Essentially a ‘terrarium’ filled with healthy microorganisms and probiotics, her fermented drinks are not just delicious but also good for your health. Your tastebuds and gut will certainly be in for a wild treat!

Indian Aunties Club by Divya Tolath

Indian Aunties Club is founded by MasterChef SG season 4 contestant Divya Tolath, specializing in her own unique recipe on the traditional Burmese noodle dish Khow Suey. Available exclusively on BlockChef, the Chicken Khao Suey by Indian Aunties Club features a rich curry soup made with bone marrow broth and luscious coconut milk, along with a mouthwatering variety of 6 condiments including her homemade chilli sauce. Don’t forget to try her Duck and Pork Croquette as well!

The Unexpected Chef by Nicholas Koh

Discover a world of sweet surprises with a rotating menu from The Unexpected Chef by Nicholas Koh of MasterChef Singapore season 1. From classic favourites to innovative creations, their offerings are rotated regularly to keep your taste buds on an exciting journey. Whether you’re craving a timeless treat or eager to explore new flavour combinations, there’s always something delightful awaiting you at their dessert store. Embark on a journey of decadence with their unique fusion of French and Japanese confectionery!

Bird Fry by Nareskanna

Bird Fry is a concept by MasterChef Singapore season 3 runner-up Nareskanna, specializing in “Super Tasty, Super Sized Chicken Sandwiches”. With everything made from scratch including the buns, Bird Fry features unique sandwiches such as The Emperor inspired by Chinese flavours and The Maharaja with Indian influences.

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