BelleyPig: Spin Instructor Brian Yeo’s Delightful Porky Adventure


In a world where people often find themselves straddling two completely different passions, Singapore’s very own Brian Yeo, has us wondering: can you spin your way to crispy pork belly perfection?

Founder of BelleyPig, Brian Yeo

On weekdays, Brian is an energetic spin instructor guiding his students through intense workouts with relentless enthusiasm. But when the weekend approaches, the sweat dries and the bike pedals come to a stop, he transforms into a culinary magician conjuring up mouth-watering crispy pork belly delights.

It all started with a simple love for food. As a child, Brian found himself drawn to the kitchen, curiously peering over the shoulders of talented cooks in his family while sneaking a bite here and there. Brian’s precocious interest in food was not just about tasting delicious dishes but also understanding the process behind making them.

At the tender age of 12, Brian’s journey started simply with preparing eggs, but his passion quickly evolved. Guided by his grandmother, he slowly ventured into crafting family favourites. And as he gained more confidence, he began experimenting with flavours and techniques, influenced by the cooking videos he watched.

Brian’s adventures in the kitchen were quietly documented on his Instagram account, where he shared his delectable creations with a growing social media following. From here, the seeds of turning his passion into a business were planted in his mind.

The journey from spin instructor to home chef started with casual conversations within his social circle. His friends, who regularly served as guinea pigs for his cooking experiments, were incredibly supportive. Encouraged by their positive feedback, Brian dabbled in private dining experiences, mostly hosting just his friends.

And then, it happened. He stumbled upon the golden ticket, the porky treasure that would become the heart of Belleypig – his Roasted Pork Belly.

How BelleyPig Started

Why pork belly? It was a dish close to Brian’s heart since childhood, a constant craving he could never ignore. The irony of being a spin instructor and a pork belly lover was not lost on him, but he could not resist the allure of this flavourful delicacy.

Brian’s pork belly fuses influences from various cuisines. Herbs from Italian porchetta, the zesty punch of Chinese vinegar, and a touch of his own experimentation converged to create a signature masterpiece. Additionally, Brian uses a unique tool to score the skin, resulting in an extra crispy end result.

The ingredients are simple yet high quality, and the entire cooking process takes about 3.5 hours. But the real magic happens during the crisping process, where Brian has to keep a vigilant eye on his oven to ensure the perfect level of crispiness without tipping over into burnt territory.

On weekdays, he is the full-time spin instructor who keeps people motivated and sweaty, then on weekends, he becomes the maestro behind Belleypig. You might wonder how Brian juggles these two diametrically opposite worlds. Brian clarifies that Belleypig was not originally intended to be a full-time business. It started as a passion project, and he only takes on what he can comfortably manage. But as demand for his pork belly grew, he made the decision to step down from his managerial role at the spin studio to create more time for his true passion in the kitchen.

With a twinkle in his eye, Brian shares that his ultimate dream has always been to open a cosy bar or café with a limited menu that highlights special recipes.

Taste Test

As our interview with Brian Yeo came to a close, he graciously invited our eager team to try the signature product of Belleypig. A tantalizing platter was elegantly presented before us, featuring generous portions of his signature roasted pork belly. The aromas wafting from the dish had us all spellbound.

On first impression, it was a visual masterpiece. Brian’s pork belly glistened with a golden-brown perfection that was a treat for the eyes and the nose. The skin was meticulously scored, creating a mosaic of crispy delight. The moment the fork touched the pork belly, it was evident that this dish was something special. The meat was tender and succulent, each bite bursting with a medley of flavours.

The true highlight of the dish was the skin – a testament to Brian’s dedication and attention to detail. It had a satisfying crunch that told the tale of hours of meticulous cooking. The perfect balance of crispy and tender, each bite was a revelation. Then to top it off, Brian made a garlic mustard sauce which added a burst of tangy, garlicky goodness that elevated this dish to ambrosia.

Finally, to complement the star of the show, the roasted pork belly was served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes which provided a delightful contrast to the crispy pork.

The experience of savouring BelleyPig’s roasted pork belly was nothing short of gastronomic joy. It was a dish that transcended the ordinary and left us yearning for more. Each bite was a testament to Brian’s passion, dedication, and the extensive experimentation that had gone into perfecting this masterpiece.

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