MasterChef SG Champion Inderpal Singh presents: A Uniquely Singaporean Brunch

inderpal singh
MasterChef SG Champion Inderpal Singh and Reuben Wong

If you have been following the most recent season of MasterChef Singapore, then Inderpal Singh will be a familiar face and name. The 33-year-old was one of many home chefs who battled against each other through multiple grueling rounds of cooking in the local edition of the famous MasterChef competition. Throughout the competition, Inderpal introduced his versions of elevated Punjabi cuisine that wowed the judges round after round. With his funny personality, he was one of the season’s most popular contestants and a frontrunner who eventually went on to win the coveted MasterChef title.

This well-deserved victory is the culmination of Inderpal’s cooking journey, which started when he was only five years old. The passion for the culinary arts was ignited for young Inderpal when he was volunteering at Sikh temples, where he helped with prepping communal meals for more than 400 people. 

At the temples, he found himself fascinated by how different ingredients could be combined in a giant pot to create delicious dishes, like chapatis and rotis. After mustering enough courage to request to try his hand at cooking some vegetables, the experience solidified his fascination with the art of cooking. His passion was further stoked by the exposure to his mum’s skill in the kitchen as she would bake cookies, cakes and kueh rolls during festive occasions.

“Without passion, you cannot achieve,” Inderpal opined, as he reminisced about the ups and downs of his culinary journey.

While he had always wanted to delve into the culinary arts, his foray into the scene came later in his adult life when the pandemic struck. Turning crisis into opportunity, he took the leap of faith and started a home-based business selling butter chicken and roti on weekends. To his pleasant surprise, he received an overwhelmingly positive response – orders began flooding in and there was great demand for him to do more than just the weekends. His business thrived beyond his expectations.

When MasterChef Singapore held auditions seeking home cooks, encouraged by the success of his home-based business, Inderpal went for it, thereby beginning his journey towards the MasterChef championship. On the show, beyond the mouthwatering and creative dishes that he whipped up in each round of the competition, what made Inderpal one of the crowd favourites is his fun personality. The audience will certainly never forget the delightful celebratory dances he performed along with Chef Damien, one of the three judges of the competition.

A Uniquely Singaporean Brunch by Inderpal Singh

If you followed the show and were enticed by Inderpal’s dishes, fret not! Fortunately for us, the newly-minted MasterChef champion has plans to make his creations available for sale to the public.

“The Masterchef experience was so humbling for me. Now, I just want to do justice for all the support I’ve received from everyone, especially the judges,” Inderpal shared about his motivations. 

Partnering with his fellow MasterChef contestant, Reuben Wong, the duo started a pop-up which they named “A Uniquely Singaporean Brunch”, serving up their local take on the typical western brunch menu. Incorporating both their specialties, Inderpal with Punjabi flavours, and Reuben with vegetables, they came up with dishes like loaded roti john, fusion biryani bowls and desserts.

“It’s elevation, but with the flavours that you know and love,” described Inderpal of their localised brunch menu. Think dishes like biryani with seabass, chilli crab baguettes and sambal udang pasta, just to name a few. Unsurprisingly, it was a massive success – the limited-time only pop-up was fully booked out!

Thankfully, that was just an appetizer to their grand plans to set up a brick-and-mortar cafe for a permanent version of the “Uniquely Singaporean Brunch”. Using the pop-up as a way to collect customer feedback, the duo wants to understand the flavours Singaporeans love, so they can curate and expand on their menu. 

For those who were unable to get a reservation for their pop-up brunch, we have good news – their menu will also be available for delivery! BlockChef will be their exclusive delivery partner, bringing Inderpal and Reuben’s delectable brunch dishes right to your doorstep!

“Lifting home-based food businesses is sorely needed in Singapore and BlockChef is doing just that”, said Inderpal who shared about how he is elated to work with BlockChef to reach more people who wish to try his food. 

So you can look forward to trying their signature dishes which they will be launching on BlockChef – starting with the John Wick! It’s one of the three elevated sandwiches with whimsical names, which Inderpal has come to be known for. ‘Wick’ is a playfully-coined acronym for “Well It’s Chilli Krab”!

Picture a beautifully toasted baguette with an omelette packed full of flavours pressed into it, with a succulent chilli crab sauce that goes on top. The chilli crab sauce which contains generous crab chunks promises to be intoxicatingly fragrant as it comprises aromatics like galangal, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, shallots and chilli. All that richness is then balanced out with some micro herbs and an in-house lime mayonnaise. A deliciously complex and exceptionally flavourful rendition of a familiar local favourite indeed!

A Uniquely Singaporean Brunch is coming soon to BlockChef. Watch this space for the official launch of their BlockChef store!

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