Halal Home-based Business offering Pizzas, Shepherd’s Pie and Lasagna


Rizqnizza is a Muslim-owned home-based husband and wife team crafting unique, homemade pizzas, lasagna, and Shepherd’s Pie. Rizal’s experience working in various pizza chains motivated him to create his own pizzas from scratch.

Rizqnizza’s secret ingredient? Freshness. Unlike chain pizzerias, they make everything fresh to order, from dough to toppings. This commitment to quality sets them apart.

One of their best sellers is the “Melayu D’lite” pizza infuses Malay flavors into a classic favorite, featuring fried chicken chunks, cucumbers, onions, omelette and crunchy ikan bilis on their signature sambal base – it’s basically Nasi Lemak in pizza form! Another top seller for them is the “Lime Mayo Special” pizza, which adds a zesty lime mayo drizzle to a classic pizza, creating a refreshing and tangy twist. Other interesting flavours they offer include Flossy Chix and Takoyaki pizzas.

But Rizqnizza isn’t just about pizzas. Their lasagna boasts layers of rich meaty sauce, creamy b├ęchamel, and gooey cheese, while their Shepherd’s Pie is a hearty delight.

For a taste of homemade cheesy goodness with a Singaporean twist, give Rizqnizza a try! Whether it is the Melayu D’lite or the Lime Mayo Special, every dish represents the art of homemade, fresh, and delicious food made with love.


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