Whisk and Whirls is a wonderful example of quality and dedication in the world of artisanal bakers. This home baking venture is not just about producing cookies; it’s a narrative of passion, commitment, and the artistry in baking. In a candid interview, Miko Chong, the founder of Whisk and Whirls, shared the story behind this flourishing enterprise.

A Hobby That Grew into a Passion

Miko’s journey into the world of baking began 15 years ago in a home economics class. This initial foray into baking was the seed that grew into a passionate hobby. Over the years, Miko’s enthusiasm for baking evolved into a quest for perfection. Experimenting with various recipes, Miko curated a personalized collection, laying the groundwork for what would become Whisk and Whirls.

The Genesis of the Business in 2023

The transition from a baking enthusiast to a business owner happened in 2023. The motivation behind this decision was Miko’s desire to craft low-sugar cookies that boasts of a delightfully crumbly texture, rich flavours and are priced affordably for the Chinese New Year. Each cookie at Whisk and Whirls is a labor of love, painstakingly hand-piped with meticulous care, showcasing Miko’s dedication. Despite juggling a daytime job, Miko’s passion for baking fuels this entrepreneurial journey.

Signature Creation: The “Butter Bomb”

whisk and whirls
Butter Bomb by whisk and whirls

When discussing Whisk and Whirls’ signature product, Miko beams with pride while describing the “Butter Bomb.” Known for its aromatic fragrance and rich taste, the Butter Bomb encapsulates the essence of Miko’s baking philosophy: simplicity paired with high-quality ingredients. The Butter Bomb is not just a cookie – it’s a sensory experience, embodying the core values of Whisk and Whirls.

What Makes Whisk and Whirls Special?

The uniqueness of Whisk and Whirls lies in its attention to detail and choice of ingredients. Miko emphasizes using premium components, such as French butter and exclusive sea salt, in the cookie-making process. The hand-piping technique, requiring precision and considerable effort, ensures each cookie is not just a treat but a representation of Miko’s craftsmanship and dedication.


Whisk and Whirls represents the journey of a passionate hobbyist evolving into an artisanal home baker. It’s a reminder that great flavors are born from passion and dedication, where every ingredient and technique is crucial. In an era dominated by mass production, Whisk and Whirls by Miko Chong stand as a testament to the enduring appeal of homemade quality and a personal touch in baking.

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