Super Chef FAQs

What is Super Chef?

Super Chef is a promotional campaign to reward our home chefs with additional bonuses for achieving certain sales targets!

During the campaign period, there will be several sales targets you can hit in order to win the bonus cash rewards. You can accomplish this during any point in time during the campaign!

What are the targets?

Level 1: $1,000 in sales – your bonus cash reward is $150

Level 2: $2,000 in sales – you will receive another $150

Level 3: $3,000 in sales – you will receive another $150

Level 4: $4,000 in sales – you will receive another $150

Level 5: $5,000 in sales – you will receive a whopping $450!

In total, you stand a chance to win a total of $1,000 in bonus cash rewards!

What are the rules?

1. All sales must be made via digital payments. Cash orders do not count towards your total.
2. Only orders which are placed and accepted within the campaign period count towards the total.
3. Your total bonus cash rewards will be paid out at the end of the campaign period after your qualifying sales have been calculated.

How do I maximize my chances of winning?

There are many ways to do so! Here are some of our recommendations:

– Add your blockchef store link to your IG bio
– Tell all your friends, family, customers and followers on social media to order from you through your blockchef store
– Hit us up for marketing support on your store dashboard! We can help with photoshoots, videoshoots, influencer engagements, featured articles, etc. First come first served!

When does Super Chef start and end?

The campaign period starts on March 1 and ends on May 31.

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