Cik.BonBon is a Muslim-owned home-based baker specializing in kek gula hangus and crinkled brownies. Cik.BonBon, which means “sweet auntie” in Malay, was founded by a self-professed “makcik-in-denial”. Craving the indulgence of kek gula hangus (honeycomb cake), but finding it rarely available in the market, the founder of Cik.BonBon (which means “sweet auntie”) decided to take matters into her own hands and make her own.

She shared her creation with friends and family and the reception was nothing short of enthusiastic; everyone loved the not-too-sweet taste that captured the essence of this traditional cake, and asked for more.

The same passion for creating sweet delights for her family and friends led her to making crinkled brownies. Her children, who are autistic and preferred foods with crispy textures, found joy in the crinkled tops of these brownies. Once again, friends and family enjoyed her bakes so much that they encouraged her to start selling them.

And so, Cik.BonBon was born – a place where the love for traditional kek gula hangus and the joy of creating sensory-friendly crinkled brownies come together. Every bite from Cik.BonBon is a celebration of flavors and textures that bring joy to occasions big and small. With the warm encouragement of loved ones, the founder of Cik.BonBon is now sharing her passion for these delectable treats with the world.


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