In the heart of bustling Singapore, amidst the demanding world of healthcare, a passionate healthcare worker has embarked on a delightful journey into the realm of home-based baking, creating a small haven of sweetness and creativity. The founder’s story is a testament to the magic that happens when a hobby blossoms into a side business, adding a sprinkle of joy to life.

A Calling Beyond Healthcare

As a full-time healthcare worker, Eqah Bakery founder Siti Nur Atiqah’s love for baking was ignited during festive seasons, particularly when preparing kuih raya, traditional Malaysian cookies enjoyed during Eid. This initial spark soon turned into a full-fledged passion. The joy derived from creating delicious treats for loved ones soon became an irresistible calling, as her family members encouraged her to start selling her bakes. What started as a hobby then became a business, bringing sweetness and joy to those outside her circle of friends and family.

From Hobby to Home-Based Bakery

Starting with burnt cheesecakes, a popular and trending style of cheesecake in recent times, Siti Nur Atiqah followed that with Florentine cookies, a type of thin, crispy cookie with nuts and dried fruit when she noticed that they were an uncommon find in the local bakery scene. The realization that there was a gap in the market for Florentine cookies in Singapore fueled Siti Nur Atiqah’s ambition to expand this home-based bakery’s offerings into a variety of flavours.

Beyond selling her bakes online, this burgeoning bakery also started taking orders for wedding door gifts and functional events, making their presence felt in the world of special occasions and gatherings.

The Sweet Success of a Side Venture

Balancing the demanding life of a healthcare worker with the demands of a growing home-based bakery hasn’t been easy. However, the passion and love for baking have been the driving force, enabling a seamless blend of both worlds.

This journey from healthcare to home-based bakery is a beautiful example of pursuing one’s passion and creating something special. It illustrates that dreams, no matter how small or humble, can flourish and leave a sweet mark in the lives of those who experience them.


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