The home baking scene in Singapore has been thriving in recent years, with the pandemic providing the perfect storm for baking enthusiasts who may have not had the time before to indulge in their baking passion. We see plenty of trendy bakes like cookies, brownies and cupcakes, but let’s not forget about a less common but just as sinfully satisfying pastry – tarts! Today, we’ll have a look at some beautiful tarts made by a few talented home bakers.

Crémeux Pâtisserie

Crémeux is a home-based patisserie that specialises in handmade artisanal tarts. Be prepared to taste a wide variety of flavours, including Ispahan, Houjicha, Sweet Potato, Pandan Gula Melaka, Orh Nee, Teh Tarik and more. Light on the stomach but heavy on flavour, these small tarts will definitely make a great dessert, and a great gift to bring to gatherings. Crémeux sells their tarts in boxes of 10 for about $42. They do seasonal bakes as well, so stay tuned for the next festive season!


How To Order

You can join Crémeux’s Telegram group to be updated on their next bakesale.
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Once a hotel pastry cook, Tartzan founder Hui Xuan found herself missing her work during the pandemic. She began to bake tarts from home and shared pictures of her bakes on Instagram. Soon, she started selling her tarts and Tartzan was born. Hui Xuan loves life’s simple flavours like lemon meringue, apple crumble and Nutella with touches of banana, but two of her must-try signatures are the White Lava and Dark Lava that literally melt in your mouth.

Hui Xuan bakes all her tarts in her home kitchen, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Since tarts can be very sensitive to warm temperatures, Hui Xuan is only able to make small batches at a time and must work quickly when shaping the dough. Even so, she manages to churn out plenty of orders, including seasonal orders for Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Teachers’ Day and more!

Tartique by Le Wadi

Most people think of tarts as sweet treats to go with high tea, but Tartique brings a unique spin to tarts by making them in savoury flavours as well. Who says tarts have to be small and bite-sized? Tartique certainly puts tarts in a new perspective with their large pastries chock-full with savoury ingredients. You can find interesting flavours like Duck Rillettes & Pickled Cabbage with Homemade Orange Marmalade, Salmon Pâté & Onion Cream Cheese, and for those who’d prefer slightly sweeter tarts, they have you covered with their 70% Dark Chocolate & Quince Paste with Hazelnuts.

Muslim-friendly, Tartique has no alcohol or pork in their tarts! You can place an order via Cococart.

Tarts are the perfect accompaniment for a relaxing tea-break. With the creativity of Singapore home bakers, these exquisitely designed tarts can also make great gifts! Which tarts caught your fancy? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment down below!

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