Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? A classic guilty pleasure, cookies are loved by sweet-toothed consumers and home bakers alike. Cookie recipes present an excellent canvas for home bakers to get creative with their ingredients, designs and icing. While some bake purely out of personal passion and enjoyment, lucky for us many of them have them for sale! Let’s take a look at these four unique cookies handcrafted specially by local home bakers.

Breakfast Platter by A Meringue Tale

It was not an easy task picking one design to feature out of A Meringue Tale’s extensive repertoire, but this particular one is guaranteed to melt even the coldest heart with its sheer cuteness. A Meringue Tale specialises in creating all sorts of popular characters such as Pokemon and Hello Kitty in the form of cookies, producing sweet treats that are a delight to both the eyes and the mouth. As their name suggests, these are meringue cookies, light and perfect for gluten-free diets.

To place an order, contact them via Instagram.

Bunny German Butter Cookies by Goh NgaiLeng (https://www.instagram.com/p/CnKRDibvwdT)

While this baker does not sell her bakes (yet!), NgaiLeng posts her detailed recipes for a wide variety of local food and treats on her Instagram page and on her blog, My Mind Patch. She makes themed bakes like buns and cookies for festive seasons like Lunar New Year, Halloween and even National Day. Check out these adorable bunny cookies she baked in celebration of the rabbit year, and perhaps even try your hand at making them with the recipe she has generously provided! Don’t be fooled by the simple ingredients used. With a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, each one of these bunny cookies is painstakingly designed by hand and 100% unique. 

You can find her recipes on her Instagram.

Cat Cookies by Mavis

On her website, eau my cookie!, Mavis shares her love of cookie craft through classes, workshops and custom cookie orders. According to her website, she specialises in bespoke icing cookies that are designed and made by hand down to the finest detail. Although Mavis is currently taking a break from custom orders, she is still baking seasonal cookies, including these iconic cat cookies for National Cat Day. The handcrafted detail put into each one is truly the icing on the cookie! 

If you’re interested in learning how to make beautiful handcrafted cookies, you can sign up for her classes on her website.

You can also check out her cookies on her Instagram.

Giant Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies by Doughter Bakery

We would be remiss not to mention the popular chocolate chip cookie in this list, but this is not just any ordinary chocolate chip cookie. Born from a mother-daughter duo’s love for baking, Doughter Bakery makes cupcakes, scones, muffins and festive bakes but most importantly, giant Nutella chocolate chip cookies. If you love chocolate chip, you’ll never get enough of their decadent 80g cookies, generously filled with a chock-full of Nutella. Chocoholics are guaranteed to love it. All of their products are baked fresh daily to ensure quality. You can pick up a box of 4 giant Nutella cookies on their website, though it probably won’t be long before you’re reaching for more! 

Check out their mouthwatering bakes on their Instagram.

To place an order, visit their website here.

Do you go for aesthetics or taste when it comes to cookies? That’s a real Sophie’s Choice for us cookie lovers, but fortunately, many Singapore home bakers provide the best of both worlds. Cookies remain a timeless classic in the ovens of many home bakers, with some outdoing themselves every season with their innovative designs and flavour combinations. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what they have in store for Christmas this year!

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