Artisanal Chocolates to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth by Home Chefs


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether it’s a humble bar or an extravagant fondue, chocolate will always have a place in our hearts as one of life’s sweetest delights. If you’re keen to have a taste of rich chocolate, you’ll definitely want to check these home bakers out for their unique, tantalising takes on all things chocolate. From pure chocolate to chocolate bakes, these home bakers are the go-to for your next chocolate fix!

Coco Labo

Founded by actress Crazy Rich Asian actress Constance Lau, Coco Labo is a home-based business that specialises in handcrafted premium Valrhona nama chocolate. Nama chocolate is a Japanese ganache, popularized by the Japanese brand Royce’, and is made with melted chocolate and fresh cream then dusted with cocoa powder. Coco Labo began with Constance’s love for nama chocolate but she was not satisfied with the limited flavours available here. Constance and her food scientist partner spent three months developing and perfecting their nama chocolate recipe, featuring four distinct, exotic flavours: Italian Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Genmaicha, Vegan Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate. Due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather, Constance sets her air-conditioning to 19°C at home in order to create the perfect environment for chocolate-making. She practices stringent quality control with her products, ensuring that every slab of nama chocolate is perfectly sliced. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Constance if you place an order as she makes some of the deliveries herself!

Chocolate Anatomy

Born out of founder Rachael Chua’s love for chocolates and pastries, Chocolate Anatomy started out with one homemade recipe for chocolate truffles. Rachael loved truffles but found them too costly, so she decided to make them herself. Fast forward three years later and Chocolate Anatomy has become known for its truffles that started it all, but they have also gained fans for their Signature Fudge Brownies, Original Chocolate Cake, and Brookies (brownie cookies).

Chocolate Anatomy offers dessert boxes full of chocolatey treats, which they call omakase boxes. Featuring a variety of cakes, brownies, cookies and of course, truffles, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the flavours Rachael hand-picks for you!

Two AM Bakes

Have you heard of tea-terrine cake? Two AM Bakes has become known as Singapore’s first home baker of tea-terrine cakes, also called slabs. A mix of chocolate fudge and cake, but leaning more towards the chocolate side, these sweet treats were first made popular in Singapore by Ken’s Cafe Tokyo. Two AM Bakes came into being during the circuit breaker and rapidly gained recognition for their traditionally Japanese flavours like genmaicha, hojicha, black sesame and matcha. There’s also an original chocolate version for those who prefer to savour pure chocolate!

Two AM Bakes has since expanded their menu to include other French and Korean-inspired treats like gateaux, bbangs, and even more. Unfortunately, they currently appear not to be accepting orders, but be sure to follow their Instagram page so you will be notified when they reopen!

Is chocolate one of your guilty pleasures? It certainly is for us! What better than supporting our local home bakers while satisfying your chocolate craving at the same time? Let us know more about your favourite types and flavours of chocolate. We’d love to hear from you down in the comments below!

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