Prepare to embark on a mouthwatering journey as we explore a few of Singapore’s must-try home chefs. These culinary wizards have turned their homes into wonderlands of flavour, tantalising taste buds across the nation with traditional recipes passed down for generations, and unique fusion creations that are truly one-of-a-kind.

We invite you to join us as we discover their inspiring stories, uncover their secret ingredients for success, and indulge in the delightful dishes that have earned them a well-deserved spot among Singapore’s hidden culinary elite.

Wild Bento

Let’s start our culinary journey with Wild Bento – a hidden gem located in the heart of Singapore. This cosy home chef eatery prides itself on meticulously crafting dishes from scratch using time-honoured family recipes passed down for generations. With their tagline of “a gentle mum’s cuisine,” Wild Bento’s dishes are reminiscent of the comforting and heartwarming meals we grew up with. They use only premium ingredients like fresh chicken, pork, and vegetables to create their mouthwatering dishes.

One dish that is an absolute must-try at Wild Bento is their Wild Curry with Prata and Fried Shrimp Dumplings – a rich and flavorful combination that will take your taste buds on a journey. And the best part? With main dishes ranging from S$9.90 to S$30.90 for their 4 pax Wild Curry, Wild Bento caters to all budgets. You can easily place your order through their user-friendly online store or browse their creations on their social media pages.

At Wild Bento, you’ll experience tradition and love in every bite. Each dish is handcrafted with care, using treasured family recipes and premium ingredients. From their Wild Curry to their unwavering commitment to quality, Wild Bento offers a culinary journey that captures the essence of Singapore’s rich culinary heritage.


No Pat No Pit

No Pat No Pit is a homemade food business that will satisfy your cravings for mouth-watering burritos with a fusion of Mexican and Malay influences that will transport you on a culinary adventure. At No Pat No Pit, they marinate their meats to perfection before grilling them to bring out the best experience.

Their Jamah Sets are a definite must-try, featuring an irresistible combination of succulent mutton satay, juicy chicken burrito, and crispy wedges, all served with homemade cheese or sauces that will have you wanting more. No Pat No Pit offers a range of tempting options like the Cheesy Chicken Burrito and the Mutton Satay Burrito, showcasing their commitment to providing delicious and satisfying meals at a great value.

No Pat No Pit offers convenient islandwide delivery to satisfy your cravings wherever you are. Keep in mind that there is a S$10 delivery fee, but it’s worth it for the satisfying and mouth-watering meals they provide. Their dedication to delivering affordable prices, enticing combinations, and satisfying meals make No Pat No Pit a brand that stands out in the culinary scene, promising a scrumptious experience.


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Eat Hum

Meet Eat Hum, a culinary success story that began during the 2020 lockdown when Val’s husband was craving hums. What started as a homemade treat quickly gained popularity among friends and neighbours, leading to the birth of Eat Hum. They take pride in using fresh and high-quality ingredients without any added MSG or preservatives, setting them apart from the rest.

Val’s passion for creating exceptional dishes is evident in its seafood offerings. From cockles sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia to marinated lala and gong gong, each dish is infused with their signature sauce that’s sure to tingle and leave you with an unforgettable experience. Customers can indulge in their signature Crabs, L Size Hums, and 4 XL Size Hums, showcasing the brand’s commitment to wholesome and delicious seafood creations.

At Eat Hum, there’s something for every budget with prices ranging from S$18 to S$88 for Crabs. They offer convenient delivery services from 5 pm to 9 pm, or customers can opt for self-collection at Punggol starting from 7 pm or earlier. The remarkable journey of Eat Hum exemplifies the power of passion and the joy of sharing exceptional food, creating an experience that celebrates the love for quality ingredients and cherished moments with loved ones.


Mr. Singh Eats

Mr. Singh Eats is a home-based business in Singapore by Inderpal Singh that offers an appetising selection of Indian food and Thai bento boxes. With a certified food handler at the helm, they are dedicated to delivering exceptional flavours and high-quality dishes.

At Mr. Singh Eats you can savour a variety of delicious options, from classic Indian curries to popular Thai favourites like Tom Yum Soup and Thai Crab Fried Rice. Each dish is carefully prepared with fresh ingredients to ensure a burst of aromas with every bite.

With prices starting from just S$8, Mr. Singh Eats offers affordable and satisfying meals that won’t break the bank. Whether you choose delivery, available islandwide with a minimum order of 2 sets, or opt for self-pickup at Yishun, convenience is at your fingertips.

Experience the fusion of Indian and Thai cuisine at Mr. Singh Eats. From their commitment to culinary excellence to their convenient ordering options, they strive to bring the flavours of these two vibrant culinary traditions straight to your table.

News update: Inderpal is a top 10 contestant of MasterChef Singapore Season 4!


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Ade’s Homebake

Ade’s Homebake is a wonderful destination for those craving ondeh-ondeh cake and a variety of other mouthwatering treats. With their signature Ondeh-cake taking centre stage, Ade’s Homebake also offers a range of options that capture the essence of both local and international cuisine, catering to diverse palates.

What sets Ade’s Homebake apart is its commitment to homemade recipes that celebrate the unique taste of the region. Their creations are designed with “otona no amasa” in mind, which translates to sweetness for adults. If you prefer baked goods that strike the perfect balance and are not overwhelmingly sweet, Ade’s Homebake is a must-visit.

Indulge in their must-try treats, including the original Durian Ondeh Cake, D24 Durian Pengat, and the mouthwatering Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavours that will leave you craving more.

Ade’s Homebake offers their ondeh-ondeh cakes starting at S$30, ensuring that their delightful creations are accessible to everyone. Delivery services are available, and you can conveniently place your order through their Instagram page or website, bringing these delicious treats directly to your doorstep.

Discover the magic of Ade’s Homebake, where the richness of local taste meets a touch of international inspiration. Treat yourself to their amazing creations and experience the perfect balance of sweetness in every bite.


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My Rustic Bakez

My Rustic Bakez is a sweet haven for those with a love for delicious treats, especially the little ones! As a Muslim-owned home-based food business, they specialise in crafting heavenly tarts, cookies, and other halal desserts that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. With every scrumptious bite, you’ll be transported to a world of pure dessert bliss!

Feast your senses on their heavenly creations, including the Batik Cake, luscious Blueberry Tartlets, and the heavenly Pavlova Cuppies.

To explore their offerings and inquire about prices, check out their Instagram page or send them a direct message. My Rustic Bakez makes ordering easy, allowing you to place orders through their Instagram or Facebook page.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the joy of My Rustic Bakez and its halal desserts. Let their treats bring a touch of sweetness to your day and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Chocolate Anatomy

Dive into the whimsical world of chocolate heaven with Chocolate Anatomy. From its humble beginnings as a home-based business crafting divine chocolate truffles, this brand has since evolved into a renowned and innovative chocolatier. Explore their extensive range of sweet offerings, including rich chocolate brownies, melt-in-your-mouth cookies, delectable tarts, creamy truffles, indulgent loaf cakes, delicate macarons, and delightful cupcakes.

Chocolate Anatomy’s Omakase Style Box is a wondrous surprise that requires no minimum or maximum purchase. If you prefer a more personalised experience, you can curate your own dessert box and select from a wide range of heavenly treats.

Savour every bite of Chocolate Anatomy’s must-try creations, such as their signature 65% Truffles, luscious Raspberry Brownies, and the tantalising Omakase Box. Each treat is meticulously crafted with precision and care, ensuring a perfect balance of flavours and textures that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.


From the comfort of their own kitchens, these talented food creators have crafted culinary experiences that nourishes both body and soul. By supporting these local home chefs, we not only enjoy delicious homemade food but also contribute to the thriving food culture in Singapore. Let’s show our appreciation for the magic they bring to our plates and support these culinary artists who pour their hearts into every dish they create!

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