Battle Report: SG Brisket Kitchen vs Jett Barbecue


Victor: Jett Barbecue

Battle Summary

It was a close victory for Jett Barbecue (JB), with 151 votes to SG Brisket Kitchen’s (SGBK) 142 votes.

The battle lasted 8 days, from 27 August to 3 September. It started off with SGBK pulling ahead early in the game, holding on to their lead for the first few days until the game turned in JB’s favour on the sixth day. SGBK’s votes plateaued in the last 3 days, allowing JB to maintain their lead and clinch the ultimate victory.

Congratulations to Jett Barbecue for the win!

And congratulations to the winner who voted for the champion, you won a set of Jett Barbecue’s Dino Ribs! Winner has been contacted via email with instructions.

Note: This battle was not sponsored by either SG Brisket Kitchen nor Jett Barbecue.

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